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was founded in 1999. It consists of three companies  including  elrehab for minning , elrehab  for construction and elrehab for land Reclaimation . R.G draws a decade of  innovative and practical experience of ground revolution .  We are one of the most trusted important  minning and construction  companies  in Egypt. We are specialised in offering all types of salt according to your needs. Looking forward to be the leader in the middle east and Africa. We are the supplier you can depend on..

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New Analysis of samples
Elrehab Group (R.G) will provide our customers with the highest level of product quality, customer service, and overall satisfaction in doing business with R.G while maintaining a competitive price in the marketplace .
we give you the salt whatever your uses, whatever your needs and wherever your needs. we deliver the nature in your hands. High quality and satisfaction are our lead.
It's our honor to invite our customers to attend the sixth International Meeting and Fair for the economics of mining and quarrying in the Arab world from February 25 to 27, 2014 Add: Al-Azhar Convention Center - Nasr...
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